Fluid Painting
Advanced Pour - Gravity - Precision Drip and Splash
Advanced Pouring 2017 - This type of painting is created using a mixture of acrylic paints and a variety of fluid mediums that are applied loosely to a substrate. Then, the substrate is rotated in order to achieve the final desired effect. Patience is very important with this technique because, if you’re not careful, a nice composition will flow right off of your surface.
With these paintings I switched to artist acrylics mixed with greater amounts of fluid mediums.
Gravity 2017- This is a series of pour paintings of various types of acrylics. Using the laws of physics I create the right circumstances and chain of events for these color compositions to come into life. My goal is always to combine powerful colors with an interesting design approach. The flow of fluid paint is fun to play with. When you allow gravity to move the paint instead of your brush, it's a very free feeling.
Precision Drip and Splash 2016- The physical process and method was inspired by Jackson Pollock and developed by dripping and splashing a fluid paint over a canvas without touching the surface with bristles. Where Pollock employed the all over method, I utilize precision motion, constant repetition, and complete control of the medium to create a body of work that demonstrates several things. I developed a way to cover large canvases in an exciting, expressionistic way where I bring this energetic brush work in with a cosmic awareness that shows a high level of technical and creative skill. I use color and design principles effectively to visually communicate my thoughts and emotions.

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